The Vale of Glamorgan Festival has curated three vidcasts of music and discussion based on music that would have been included in this year’s festival. Full details can be accessed here, including links to the three videos. All three episodes include performances from home by Anne: the first features Huw Watkins’ fantastic Suite for Harp, the second Mared Emlyn’s colourful ‘Perlau yn y Glaw’ Suite, and the third includes two of John Luther Adams’ ‘Five Yup’ik Dances’ along with an interview hosted by Steph Power. Anne was really looking forward to performing all of these pieces (along with several others!) at the Festival this year.

Huge thanks to all at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival, and to Steph Power, for all their hard work in putting the vidcasts together – it was a lovely lockdown project to be a part of!

The Hermes Experiment were also due to be performing at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival this year. In order to keep creating, the ensemble has made a ‘performance from home’ video of Meredith Monk’s wacky and wonderful ‘Double Fiesta’, arranged by Anne. You can watch the full video here – enjoy!


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