This Tuesday, 27th October, The Hermes Experiment are presenting the first of our season concerts for 2015-16. The theme is ‘Metropolis’ and we are mixing three new commissions with our own arrangements of more familiar tunes, and some free improvisation.

This is the first time we have worked extensively with electronic sounds – one of the new commissions is a semi-improvised collaboration with Jethro Cooke in which we interact with some of Jethro’s field recordings taken from around London. The other two commissions are no less intriguing! Ewan Campbell has created an intricate work based on the London underground map, whilst Stevie Wishart’s new work is a form of orchestration of the sounds of the Eurostar. Exciting! Our three arrangements are a bit more light-hearted on this occasion, ranging from German cabaret, to Joni Mitchell to light jazz.

Do join us for what is a wide-ranging and highly colorful exploration of the sounds of ‘the metropolis’.

Tickets and all event details are available here

You can read Ewan Campbell’s blog about his new work here


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