On 16th November The Hermes Experiment collaborated with contemporary music organisation, new dots, to present an evening of new music and poetry entitled ‘Lexicon’, centred around the complex interaction of words and music. It was a great evening, but we also learnt a great deal from the collaborative processes that led up to the event itself – including working with composers Jia Chai and Andrew Thomas, and poet Ali Lewis.

There have been several lovely reviews of the evening

  • You can read an audience review by Alex Gowan Webster here.

‘… The Hermes Experiment demonstrated masterful ensemble playing with perfect pacing and interplay throughout the work.’

‘Anne Denholm’s Harp playing in this piece was excellent and evoked memories in me of the Chinese zither instrument the guzheng, which combined with the tonal phonological components of the text created a truly evocative sound world.’

‘Again the ensemble performed beautifully with the music for two pianos arranged skillfully by Anne Denholm across the ensemble with lovely moments of interplay and timbral shifts not found in the original work.’

  • Stephen Loveless also wrote an audience review for new dots, which you can read in full here – he seemed to have particularly enjoyed the composers’ use of the harp:

‘The main memory of tonight that I will take away with me though is the amazing use of the harp…’

  • There was also a review by Sam Pryce for The Cusp Magazine – you can read it here.

Post photo by Cathy Pyle – you can see the full album of photos by Cathy on The Hermes Experiment’s Facebook page here.


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