I am pleased to say that the videos from Alex Brusentsev’s ‘Connect. The. Dots’ project back in September are now online, and available to watch at your leisure! This video here, which is only my part of the project (do go and watch the others too!) comprises a short introduction to the new piece – ‘Within’ – written by Alex (and the process of its genesis), with its premier performance alongside Britten’s ‘Hymn’ from his Suite for Harp, Op.83. 

As I say in my introduction, I love the way that Alex’s writing for the harp challenges instrument stereotypes and seeks out new sounds! What’s more, Alex is currently revising and expanding the piece, and I am looking forward to playing and performing it in its new form as soon as possible! Watch this space!


Project website: connectthedots1.wordpress.com

Alex Brusentsev (composer)’s website: http://brusenta.com/

(Photos and videos by Matilda Hay)




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